Monday, February 4, 2013

Chwanda's Word

In 59 days and counting, I will be marrying my beautiful wife 9 times in 8 states and 2 countries in 10 days!!! I AM UBER EXCITED!!

I am her soulmate, helpmate, love of her life.

She is the brains of the idea and the producer. I just take! I know my place and I play my role!! I wait on her 'to do' list everyday and I comply! She asks my opinion, I respond and she makes it all work together, balanced for the both of us to enjoy and appreciate!

I love her passion, dedication and willingness to make things happen! It's such a joy to watch her create and unfold her ideas and "OUR" wants!



Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mothers May I?: Chwanda Nixon & Kacey Frierson | Out Magazine

Check out #idomarathon in Out Magazine!!!

Mothers May I?: Chwanda Nixon & Kacey Frierson | Out Magazine

We are so excited and happy about it!!

We love all the love and support we have received!!

Also, the glitch with the website has been go check it out!!

Love yall!!

Kacey <3

Friday, February 1, 2013

#idomarathon Ceremony Colors

                      We have finally decided on wedding colors for each location!!!

If you are attending we would love if you would show support by wearing the specific color, not required but it would be nice!!

Sunday April 7, 2013                         (Central Park) New York, NY; 

Monday April 8, 2013     (Lynde Point Lighthouse) Old Saybrook, CT;

Tuesday April 9, 2013             (Whaleback Ledge) Kittery Point, ME;
Tuesday April 9, 2013                                                 Manchester, NH;
Tuesday April 9, 2013                                                     Burlington, VT;

Wednesday April 10, 2013                                                 Montreal, QC;

Thursday April 11, 2013                                                         Worcester, MA;

Friday April 12, 2013                                                         Baltimore, MD;
Friday April 12, 2013                                                         Washington, DC.




#IDOMARATHON and Out Magazine -Update!

Here is the link about the #idomarathon in Out Magazine!!

Here is the link for the slideshow that shows all the couples that were featured!
Feel free to share, like and tweet it!!
We are sooo excited about it!!