Monday, February 2, 2015

#idomarathon & CREATE LOVE!: Happy Couple Highlight: Kacey and Chwanda

Check out this great interview about us and the #idomarathon!! #marriageequality

CREATE LOVE!: Happy Couple Highlight: Kacey and Chwanda: Kacey Frierson & Chwanda Nixon Jonesboro, Ga. Hi ladies.   How long have you been together?   Chwanda : About 1,7...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sponsor #idomarathon

#idomarathon is looking for sponsors!! Sponsorship could be anything!!...literally.  There are 9 of us.  We have to gas up, stay in hotels, eat and buy marriage licenses! So if you would like to donate a gas cards, hotel points, gift cards for food, etc. Just send me a message and we will talk!! All sponsors will be listed on all social media sites and on our website 

We're BACK!! Did you miss us?? #idomarathon

We know you've missed us!!


In April 2015 the ‪#‎idomarathon‬ will hit:

Wytheville, VA
Charleston, WV
Wilmington, DE
Philadelphia, PA
Providence, RI
Niagara Falls, QC
Keep up to date with our journey at and

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#idomarathon Support~ ways you can help!

As you know we are trying to raise funds for the next leg of the #idomarathon that will happen in April! It is a10 day marathon and we need to cover expenses for 2 adult and 7 growing teens!
We have several ways you can help!!
#1~ You can purchase an #idomarathon t-shirt! They are white t-shirts and they come in all sizes! It has a beautiful design of 2 rings on the front and marriage equality states on the back.  Shirts are $20 each. You can order them at
#2~ You can purchase an EXCLUSIVE #Ailobiu bath set. It comes with an 8oz bath/foot soak, a 4oz moisturizing lotion and a 3oz moisturizing bath bar! Bath sets are $20 (includes shipping). Those can be ordered from our website; just go to the "Contact Us" page and fill out the form and in the comments put that you would like a bath set and I will invoice you through PayPal. (There are only 8 left)
#3~ You can make a monetary donation of any amount at
We appreciate any and all support!!
Keep calm and marry on....
#marriageequality #loveislove

Friday, January 31, 2014


There have been some wonderful things happening for the #idomarathon!!

Number 1:

The #idomarathon will be featured in 10kcouples e-magazine in February 2014.  They are at!! Check it out!!

We have entered several contests trying to get things handled for the next leg of our journey!!

Number 2:
We're planning our Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding to travel across state lines to where we can tie the knot?legally. We could win $5,000 from the ACLU to help make it happen. But we need your help. Will you vote for us to have the hottest, chic-est, most fabulous gay wedding ever?
Go to to check out our idea and vote for us, and we might just throw you the bouquet.
Number 3:
We are also trying to win our wedding reception!! You have to COMMENT to vote!!
Do you think #idomarathon deserves to win Bliss List 2014? Have your say! #YOUR_HASHTAG
We still have a few more announcements to make so STAY TUNED!!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

#IDOMARATHON-Happy 40th Bday Chwanda!!

Watch the video and listen to the words!! Nothing has been more true!!  We do truly have a real love.

Happy 40th birthday to my lovely wife!! Many many more to come.

I bet it all on you and me!!



Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#idomarathon Illinois and Hawaii

Within the last week marriage equality has passed in both Illinois AND Hawaii!!

How exciting is this?!?!

Every time another state passes,  I get a little teary eyed because it is forward progress in this marriage equality fight. 

Even though we are no longer Illinois residents I was so overwhelmed with joy when marriage equality finally passed in Illinois.  Because though we had a civil union in Illinois on 4/7/2012, it wasn't a marriage!! I CANNOT wait to go to my home state and OFFICIALLY say "I DO" to my wife again for the umpteenth time!!  Which we are planning to be in July 2014. 

And now today Hawaii has passed!! A warm weather wedding (finally)...this one...WILL be on a beach!!

So as we continue to wait and wait and wait for Georgia to come to their senses, we will continue our marathon...but in the end my goal is to say "I DO" to my wife 50 times....(at least)!!

So now I get to change my hashtag from #8down7togo OFFICIALLY to least until the next state passes marriage equality!

Marry on.........