Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#idomarathon Support~ ways you can help!

As you know we are trying to raise funds for the next leg of the #idomarathon that will happen in April! It is a10 day marathon and we need to cover expenses for 2 adult and 7 growing teens!
We have several ways you can help!!
#1~ You can purchase an #idomarathon t-shirt! They are white t-shirts and they come in all sizes! It has a beautiful design of 2 rings on the front and marriage equality states on the back.  Shirts are $20 each. You can order them at
#2~ You can purchase an EXCLUSIVE #Ailobiu bath set. It comes with an 8oz bath/foot soak, a 4oz moisturizing lotion and a 3oz moisturizing bath bar! Bath sets are $20 (includes shipping). Those can be ordered from our website; just go to the "Contact Us" page and fill out the form and in the comments put that you would like a bath set and I will invoice you through PayPal. (There are only 8 left)
#3~ You can make a monetary donation of any amount at
We appreciate any and all support!!
Keep calm and marry on....
#marriageequality #loveislove

Friday, January 31, 2014


There have been some wonderful things happening for the #idomarathon!!

Number 1:

The #idomarathon will be featured in 10kcouples e-magazine in February 2014.  They are at!! Check it out!!

We have entered several contests trying to get things handled for the next leg of our journey!!

Number 2:
We're planning our Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding to travel across state lines to where we can tie the knot?legally. We could win $5,000 from the ACLU to help make it happen. But we need your help. Will you vote for us to have the hottest, chic-est, most fabulous gay wedding ever?
Go to to check out our idea and vote for us, and we might just throw you the bouquet.
Number 3:
We are also trying to win our wedding reception!! You have to COMMENT to vote!!
Do you think #idomarathon deserves to win Bliss List 2014? Have your say! #YOUR_HASHTAG
We still have a few more announcements to make so STAY TUNED!!!!