Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#idomarathon Illinois and Hawaii

Within the last week marriage equality has passed in both Illinois AND Hawaii!!

How exciting is this?!?!

Every time another state passes,  I get a little teary eyed because it is forward progress in this marriage equality fight. 

Even though we are no longer Illinois residents I was so overwhelmed with joy when marriage equality finally passed in Illinois.  Because though we had a civil union in Illinois on 4/7/2012, it wasn't a marriage!! I CANNOT wait to go to my home state and OFFICIALLY say "I DO" to my wife again for the umpteenth time!!  Which we are planning to be in July 2014. 

And now today Hawaii has passed!! A warm weather wedding (finally)...this one...WILL be on a beach!!

So as we continue to wait and wait and wait for Georgia to come to their senses, we will continue our marathon...but in the end my goal is to say "I DO" to my wife 50 times....(at least)!!

So now I get to change my hashtag from #8down7togo OFFICIALLY to #8down9togo...at least until the next state passes marriage equality!

Marry on.........



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