Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#idomarathon Bright Horizons

We have a lot of things in the works and are waiting for them to come to fruition.  We already had a great radio interview last Saturday!! And from that we will hopefully get a connection to someone locally here in Georgia to get us a little more exposure!

We are still in a contest to win our Washington wedding. If we win that one it would be a BIG help.  You can help us out by clicking the link below and just "LIKE" the photo.  If we win, you can totally be invited!!

We were also nominated to be Grand Marshals in the Atlanta Pride Parade in October.  We won't know if we got selected until August but it's just cool to have our name thrown in the hat!

So all this, in addition to being recognized on a federal level as wives is super awesome.  But our work is not done because none of our 8 marriages are legal in Georgia. (sad face).  So we continue!

With that 8 down....6 more to go (IA, CA, MN, RI, DE, WA)!! And I get excited just thinking about 6 more weddings!!

PLUS today is the 3 month anniversary of our 5th "I DO" in Colchester, Vermont!!
Peace and Love!!
Kacey & Chwanda

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